Commission Info / ToS

Please read all rules and guidelines thoroughly before submitting your inquiry~

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Terms of Service

- Please review the Commission Pricing page to see types of commissions I'm taking and starting points for prices!

- If you are looking for a Live2D model, please note there can be a long wait time (1 month or longer) for finished pieces depending on your position in my queue. I understand this is a long period, but I am currently my grandmother's caretaker as well as living in a developing country that experiences power outages semi-regularly. If you have a tight schedule in mind I recommend looking elsewhere and appreciate your interest!

- Licensing fee rates (use for charms / prints / mouse pad / etc.) will be on a case by case basis and will be decided based on client's average following number across all platforms where that number is public information.

(Live2D model art already have the licensing fee included in the price!)

- As of 30/9/2020, If no contract has previously been signed or negotiation made, and your commission request is for anything that will be sold by yourself or used as physical promotions for services like Patreon, this must be disclosed to me and an additional licensing fee will be added!

If found your commissioned piece is being sold on any storefront without licensing paid this will be a break of contract and you will be blacklisted from any and all future commissions from me.

This is not a retroactive decision and will only effect every commission going forward.

- If you use my work for icons / thumbnails / headers / etc. credit to me, StarPyrate, must be clearly available for the public to find. This can be in locations such as 'about me', on the image itself, a credit page on a carrd, anywhere where someone can access the credit information.

- You are welcome to make changes to character designs you've commissioned from me after our work together is done, but you do NOT have permission to edit my art work in any capacity for public use without my express permission.

- You do not have permission to trace and repost my art, even if you commissioned it. If you are caught tracing / editing my work without my express permission you will be blacklisted.

- Unless requested to have the piece be kept private, I have the right to post your completed commission at my discretion.

Commission Info

- Please review the Commission Pricing page to see types of commissions I'm taking and starting points for prices!

- My commissions are not first come first served, if I choose to take on your request you will receive an email from me!

- If you post your finished commission or use as an icon, proper and clear credit to me must be used somewhere on your page or the post featuring the art.

- You MUST include image reference of some kind, even for character design commissions! In depth pinterest/moodboards are acceptable but I charge extra for a ‘designing fee’ depending on the amount of detail desired.

  • - Payment is currently ONLY accepted through PAY PAL INVOICES.

  • - ALL prices are USD

  • - I require full payment once the sketch is approved (for non-VTuber Rig Art Commissions)! You can pay before that if you wish, this must be arranged through email, but I won't finish any piece until I receive full payment.

  • - I will do minor adjustments after the sketch is approved (changing colors etc) but I will not change how anything is drawn without an extra fee. (my sketches are rather neat so there would be no confusion between sketch and finish art phase)


  • - Please do not message me asking if your form reply went through unless you have solid reasons for thinking it might not have. It can take me a while to get through the number of replies I get to it.

  • - If you have any questions or concerns before submitting your request, please email me!

Will / Won't Draw

Guidelines of subject matter I'm willing to take on

Will Draw

- Original characters / Canon characters / IRL people

- OC / Canon ships

- Light/Fantasy body horror / blood (ex. stomach mouth, multi eyes)

- Light Lewd (ex. nudity with no aroused bits, sultry vibes but no explicit sexual imagery)

- Anthro / Furry (subject is not my strongest suit, accepting requests of Anthro is a case by case basis)

- Fantasy / Mech (subject to additional fees depending on detail, some FFXIV outfit details are $$$)

Won't Draw

- Hard gore (exposed guts is no thanks!)

- Full porn (aroused bits, sex, masturbation)

- Underage lewd, any non-canonical ageing up will be rejected (ex. if you want a lewd of Boruto’s dad he has to be the dad version yo)