Star | 30 | Spicy Mistake

Hi, I’m Star! I’m a Bahamian artist based in Nassau.

Working as a freelance artist since around 2011, my work focuses on character design and colorful illustration- oh and Cake~  👀 

I also enjoy cosplaying, both my original designs and franchise characters, and post my cosplays on Twitter and Instagram!

  • Can I do fanart/cosplay of your designs?
  • - Yes, with credit to me for the design! However, I ask that you don't sell any merch of my designs.
  • If you do cosplay my design and want to sell prints of your photoshoot, I ask that you mention in the description of the product listing that I made the original design.
  • I also ask that you don't draw or have else someone draw merch of that design, as many of my designs I make merch of myself that is sold in my fiancee and I's store.

  • Will/can you draw -insert character here-?
  • - If in regards to a commission, most likely yes! If this is a request, no.

  • Can we art collab/trade?
  • - Collabs and trades are only open to my mutuals

Do you take requests?

- Nope! If I ever take free requests it would likely be on my twitch channel, starpyrate

(Any request to do something specific in an ongoing series of work I may be doing)

- While I appreciate your suggestion and enjoyment of my work, I for the most part do not take suggestions on the next piece I want to do for my personal works!