Starpy Elenhin

My mascot/Vtuber Avatar. She's honestly just a fun fantasy version of myself because I love space themes, dragons, and 90s space anime.

Twitter: @starpyelenhin

Twitch: StarPyrateArt

About ‘Starpy’

Starpy is a space dragon who was also a space pirate (or I guess you could say a star pyrate heh). A bunny crashed through her space ship leading to Starpy streaming to afford to get her ship rebuilt.


H4L-4-T05 (Halatos) is the (currently displaced) AI of Starpy’s old space ship. He’s who you hear announcing the alerts in Starpy’s streams! He’s a bit grumpy but he means well and does his best to look out for Starpy. She named him after a mixture of HAL(2001: A Space Odyssey) cause it was funny and Thanatos (specifically from the Hades video game) because their personalities seemed similar (and he’s hot)