Commission Pricing

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(VTuber Specific Info/FAQ available on the bottom of current page)

Please make sure to read all my rules and guidelines found on that page before submitting your request

Please note all prices are starting points and USD!

If you have any questions before submitting your inquiry please email me!

Table of Contents:

Chibi | Simple Shaded | Fully Rendered | Full Illustration

Character Design | PNGTuber | VTuber Model Art | VTuber Comm Info


Files will be approx. 1000px wide or tall unless specified otherwise.

Pricing is per character.

BG is transparent, simple BG can be added upon request.

Complex BG at additional fee

Mini - $70

Cartoony - $100

Simple Shaded

Cell shading and lighting

Price is per character

Extra detailed weapons / armor subject to additional fees

Simple color BG included

Complex BG subject to additional fee

Bust (from mid chest up) – $100

Hips Up – $140

Full Body – $170

Simple Shaded – Icon

Simple Shaded – Icon

Simple Shaded – Icon

Fully Rendered

Full, painterly OR detailed cel shading and lighting

Price is per character

Extra detailed weapons / armor subject to additional fees

Simple color BG included

Complex BG subject to additional fee

Bust (from mid chest up)$150

Hips Up – $230

Full Body – $300

Fully Rendered – Full Body

Fully Rendered – Full Body

Full Illustration

Print quality piece.

Upon Request with above style commissions.

Additional Costs

Higher Resolutions/Print Sizes

Commercial Rights

Character / Outfit Design

Outfit Design ONLY$200+

Full Character Design

Solid Idea of chara with art* – $350+

Solid Idea for character with mood board** $400+

Vague ideas – $500+


Headshots/Expressions – +$25 each

Additional Body Angle (Side, 3/4 view) – +$100

*art can literally be pen doodles on lined paper

**things like Pinterest boards and google drive folders

>Suggestion List for Character Design Aspects<

PNGTuber Art

Base PNGTuber (Mouth Open + Mouth Closed) – $150+

Additional Expression Modes (Includes MO + MC ^)- +$20 staring price

Price of Expression modes depend on how much the Base Art Needs to be Changed. If you want a new pose it will be an ‘additional’ base art of $100 for both Mouth Open and Closed version of that Expression.

Live2d VTuber Art


For Live2D Rigging I personally suggest @bunchata

Unless otherwise stated, this work is ONLY for the character art!

This art is fully prepared into every tiny detail and will be ready to be rigged by a rigging artist!

If your rig artist needs anything from my end with the art I'll be happy to supply!

  • Chibi (Base) – $400+
  • Bust (hips and up) – $1200+
  • Full Body – $1600+

Included in Price

A Fully rendered and layered piece ready for Live2D rigging

Commercial Rights

3 Expressions (Suggested: Heart Eye+blushing, crying and a fear shadow)

  • Add On's Available

vvv See More Detailed info on Live2D Commissions Below Examples! vvv

More Info on VTuber Comms

  • Available Add-Ons

Extra Hands

Extra Hairstyles

Extra Outfits


Extra Ears

Hand Holding Something Toggle

Assets Being Held

Outfit Piece Toggle

Mouth Toggles

Pulsing Glow Effects

Head Angle/Expression Reference

Body Part Toggles

Base Design Aspects that will probably cost extra

Major/Multiple Shine Effects

Detailed patterns

Detailed Jewelry

Intricate Hair Styles

Multiple Layered Clothing






Black-List Offenses

Editing the rig art without consent. [If you need changes or fixes please just ask me. ]

Any major anatomy changes not included in the rig art in the rigging (i.e. ‘chibi’ toggle, boob size change, etc Note that certain memes like ‘5head’ Toggle is allowed. If unsure just ask me. ) [I draw the art and anatomy as I’m comfortable. I’m NOT comfortable with my art being changed in that way.]

Art Theft/Asset Mining of the PSD [I know this sounds weird but i’ve already had people trace/copy aspects of my rigs for monetary gain. Exception to this rule: Eye/Iris assets being used on the 3D model of the same character]

Using Any Model Art I made for NFTs or a scam


Each Step equals at least one approval stage

Confirmation Email

At this point I will confirm you are ready and able to start the commission process and discuss any questions I might have about the character / design.

Initial Sketch

A rough sketch of the design in my style. This is the best time to see any silhouette specifications you need. At this stage I need the initial payment.

Tidied Sketch

This is a cleaner flat sketch that includes shading/rendering test. I will also include variants with sketches of any major toggles. This is the closest preview to the final piece and is the best time to ask for specifics on things being changed.

Initial Flats

Final check on proportions and placement and overall look of rig. At this stage I need at least 50% of full invoice paid before continuing.

!!NOTE: Major Changes Beyond this point will incur an extra fee!!

Things such as color changes or small anatomy/shading changes can be discussed but things such as style changes or major anatomy changes (anything that would require pieces to be completely reworked/redrawn) will cost extra


Shading and highlighting. I will send several updates at this point to make sure you like how it’s looking. During this step I will need the rest of the payment

Model Cutting

Making sure the art is ready for the rigging process. At this point I am willing to send the PSD if you need/want to send it to the rig artist before all the Expressions/Toggles are finished. Please make sure the rig artist is okay with this. I mainly allow this since I know some rig artists require a PSD to apply for their queue.

Expression Addition

Adding the rest of the Expression Toggles. I like to wait to this point because certain expression toggles are made in reference to how it will look on the finished art.

Finished Product

I will send you the final PSD files as well as PNGs via google drive.

VTuber Specific FAQ

I like this piece of art that you made in a specific style! Can the rig be done in this style?

This depends! I sometimes will do 'style studies' of other artists so you can ask and I'll let you know if it's possible.

Where can I use this rig?

By getting these commissions you are buying commercial rights so you may use it to stream/make videos where ever you want.

How long does rig art take to complete?

Mainly dependent on the complexity of the design and whatever changes needed. The time frame can be anywhere between a week and a month. Please be patient as well as due to my current living conditions it might take longer to complete. (I live on an island where power outages can be rampant especially during summer. I will do my best to inform you of any major delays.)

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes but note that I wont work past certain stages of the art depending on the amount you have paid (the amounts are stated in the process list)

Why dont you allow chibi toggles/anatomy changes ?(see Blacklist)

I understand and respect that there are rig artists that are talented in body changes (chibi toggles, Boob size changes, etc) but personally I dont like my art being changed in that way as well as the rig art is simply not built for pieces to be shrunk since I have a lineart heavy style. I won't technically stop you from doing this since in the end it is your VTuber but I will simply not work with you in the future if you choose to go that route.

If you DO want something like a boob-size toggle or something similar we can discuss it and I will, most likely, gladly make art for it

What anatomy change toggles DO you allow?

The main one that comes to mind at the moment that I would allow without express art made for it is the '5Head' aka the 'No B!tches' toggle. Anything that can be done similarly enough with a filter.

I ask that you double check with me if you're not sure.

Can I sell merch of renders of my model?

Yes! I would double check with your modeler as well just in case. Note that if I did make your design I do offer light discounts on other commissions of characters I have designed as well as experience making merch.

I changed my mind/have an emergency! Can I get a refund?

I offer refunds depending on how much I've finished of the rig. After most of the art is rendered I will no longer offer a refund as most of the work is finished at this point. I always suggest that people save up enough to comfortably afford a commission!

Can I posts the WIPs you send me?

Of course! How public your rig process is is 100% up to you. I ask that if you want to post let me know and I will give you a visibly watermarked image to post.

Can I come back to you for add ons or updates?

Yes. As of recent especially Live2D capabilities seem to go further every other day as well as sometimes you realize something you wish you could do with your model that you didnt think of when first starting. Please note that you will be added to whatever queue I have at the time. If it's a simple update I might slide it in but I make no promises.

I want to debut by a certain date! Can you make it?

I suggest allowing for 3-6 months before your debut to get art for a rig. This allows time for the best rig art as well as allowing time to get into a live2d rig maker's queue and giving them time to finish. It's best to inquire with the rig artist as well.

I have a question that isnt here!!! WHAT TO DO???

Please feel free to email me at or ask questions while I'm streaming if you're comfortable. I prefer not to answer questions through twitter due to the character limit.